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Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations

Version of section 6 from 2022-07-30 to 2024-05-01:

  •  (1) No person shall

    • (a) cut, spear, break, destroy or interfere with a beaver house or beaver dam;

    • (b) kill a female bear with cubs under one year of age except in defence of human life; or

    • (c) kill a bear cub under one year of age.

  • (2) Every person who kills a bear referred to in paragraph (1)(b) in defence of human life shall report the killing to a park warden within 24 hours after the killing or, if circumstances do not permit a report to be made within that time period, as soon as possible thereafter.

  • (3) No person shall hunt migratory birds unless the person hunts in accordance with these Regulations and the Migratory Birds Regulations, 2022.

  • SOR/87-657, s. 2
  • SOR/2022-105, s. 87

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