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National Historic Parks General Regulations

Version of section 13 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-09-29:

  •  (1) In this section,


    authorization means a pass, licence, ticket or other form of permission, issued pursuant to subsection (4) in respect of a designated activity, authorizing the holder to carry on the designated activity; (autorisation)

    designated activity

    designated activity means any activity in a Park, including travel, entry into an area of the Park and the use of any facility in the Park, that is designated pursuant to subsection (2). (activité désignée)

  • (2) The Superintendent may, for the proper management of the Park, designate any activity, other than an activity referred to in section 12, that may be carried on only by the holder of an authorization issued in respect of that activity.

  • (3) The Superintendent shall post a list of designated activities and their description at information offices or centers located in the Park or at the entrances to the Park.

  • (4) The Superintendent may, on request, issue an authorization in respect of a designated activity, and may, in any such authorization, prescribe terms and conditions, taking into account

    • (a) the natural and cultural resources of the Park;

    • (b) the safety, health and enjoyment of persons visiting or residing in the Park; and

    • (c) the preservation, control and management of the Park.

  • (5) No person shall carry on a designated activity unless the person is the holder of an authorization issued in respect of that designated activity.

  • (6) The holder of an authorization shall, at the request of the Superintendent or a warden or other officer of the Park, produce the authorization for inspection.

  • (7) The Superintendent may

    • (a) suspend an authorization, where the holder fails to comply with any prescribed term or condition of it;

    • (b) reinstate any authorization suspended pursuant to paragraph (a), where the failure referred to in that paragraph has been remedied; and

    • (c) revoke an authorization, where the holder is convicted of a contravention of these Regulations.

  • SOR/95-255, s. 1

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