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Arctic Waters Experimental Pollution Regulations, 1982 (Dome Petroleum)



Registration 1982-09-07

Regulations Respecting the Deposit of Oil in Arctic Waters for Experimental Purposes by Dome Petroleum Limited

P.C. 1982-2631 1982-09-03

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, pursuant to section 4 of the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act, is pleased hereby to make the annexed Regulations respecting the deposit of oil in Arctic Waters for experimental purposes by Dome Petroleum Limited.

Short Title

 These Regulations may be cited as the Arctic Waters Experimental Pollution Regulations, 1982 (Dome Petroleum).


 In these Regulations, oil means rapeseed oil or crude oil taken from the Beaufort Sea area. (pétrole)

Deposit of Oil

 For the purposes of testing the operational capabilities of the Versatile Environmental Product’s Arctic Skimmer and the comparison of those capabilities with those of the Lockheed Skimmer, Dome Petroleum Limited is authorized, subject to sections 4 and 5, to deposit oil in arctic waters within a 100 m radius of the location having coordinates of 69°35′N latitude and 133°03′W longitude at any time during the period commencing on September 1, 1982 and ending on October 15, 1982.


 The total of all deposits authorized pursuant to section 3 shall not exceed

  • (a) in the case of rapeseed oil, 3.2 m3; and

  • (b) in the case of crude oil taken from the Beaufort Sea area, 6.4 m3.

 Dome Petroleum Limited shall remedy any damage to property or the environment resulting from any deposit of oil made pursuant to section 3 as soon as practicable after completion of the testing referred to in that section and, in any event, not later than October 31, 1982.

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