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Feeds Regulations, 1983

Version of section 11 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-07-11:

 The Director may refuse to register a feed if, after an assessment or evaluation of the application for registration of the feed, he is satisfied that

  • (a) its brand or name would tend to deceive or mislead a purchaser with respect to its composition or usefulness;

  • (b) its brand would likely be confused with a brand already applied to a registered feed;

  • (c) it is deleterious or injurious to livestock or humans when used according to directions;

  • (d) it is unsuited for the purpose for which it is to be sold or represented;

  • (e) it does not meet the standards prescribed by these Regulations for that feed; or

  • (f) the labelling information or guarantees do not fully describe the usefulness of the feed.

  • SOR/90-73, s. 4

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