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Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations (SOR/86-1067)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01 and last amended on 2006-06-23. Previous Versions

Cancellation or Suspension

  •  (1) The Minister or a person designated by the Minister for the purposes of section 9 of the Act may suspend or cancel the licence of a customs broker if the customs broker

    • (a) contravened the provisions of an Act of Parliament or a regulation made thereunder relating to the importation or exportation of goods;

    • (b) acted to defraud Her Majesty or a client;

    • (c) suggested a plan for the evasion of any duties or other debts due to Her Majesty in right of Canada that involves the contravention of the provisions of an Act of Parliament or a regulation made thereunder;

    • (d) failed to comply with these Regulations;

    • (e) became insolvent or bankrupt;

    • (f) engaged in any dishonest conduct while transacting business as a customs broker;

    • (g) ceased to carry on business as a customs broker or failed to carry out his duties and responsibilities as a customs broker in a competent manner; or

    • (h) is no longer qualified under these Regulations.

  • (2) Before a licence is cancelled or suspended the Minister or a person designated by him for the purposes of section 9 of the Act shall cause to be given to the customs broker

    • (a) 30 days notice of the proposed cancellation or suspension;

    • (b) reasonable information concerning any allegations with respect to any of the grounds referred to in paragraphs (1)(a) to (h) on which the Minister proposes to cancel or suspend the licence; and

    • (c) a reasonable opportunity to respond and make representations as to why the licence should not be cancelled or suspended.

  • SOR/90-121, s. 3

Surrender of Licence

 Every customs broker shall forthwith surrender his licence to the chief officer of customs at the customs office specified in the licence if

  • (a) the licence has been cancelled; or

  • (b) the customs broker has ceased to transact business as a customs broker.


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