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Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 11.9 from 2006-03-22 to 2019-06-24:

  •  (1) Unless a qualified person has determined that the work can be performed safely, hot work shall not be performed in a confined space that contains

    • (a) an explosive or flammable hazardous substance in a concentration in excess of 10 per cent of its lower explosive limit; or

    • (b) oxygen in a concentration in excess of 23 per cent.

  • (2) Where hot work is to be performed in a confined space that contains concentrations of flammable or explosive materials in excess of the concentration set out in paragraph (1)(a) or (b),

    • (a) a qualified person shall patrol the area surrounding the confined space and maintain a fire-protection watch in that area until all fire hazard has passed; and

    • (b) fire extinguishers specified as emergency equipment pursuant to paragraph 11.3(d) shall be provided in the area referred to in paragraph (a).

  • (3) Where an airborne hazardous substance may be produced by hot work in a confined space, no person shall enter or occupy the confined space unless

    • (a) section 11.10 is complied with; or

    • (b) the person uses a respiratory protective device that meets the requirements of sections 12.2, 12.3 and 12.7.

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  • SOR/2002-208, s. 43(F)

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