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Accountable Advances Regulations (SOR/86-438)

Regulations are current to 2023-03-06

 An accountable advance issued under these Regulations

  • (a) pursuant to paragraph 4(a)(i) or (vi) shall not be issued as a standing advance unless the person to whom the advance is issued is required to incur expenditures or make payments or disbursements in respect thereof on a continuing basis;

  • (b) shall not be issued for any type of payment owing on the termination of employment;

  • (c) for a specific purpose shall not exceed the amount required to cover the expenditures that can reasonably be expected to be made for that purpose;

  • (d) as a standing advance shall not exceed the amount required for expenditures expected to be made from the advance within a fixed period determined on the basis of operational requirements and the turnover of the advance; and

  • (e) for the purpose of establishing a petty cash fund shall not exceed $2000 and no single expenditure from that fund shall exceed $200 without the prior approval of the Treasury Board.

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