Oil and Gas Occupational Safety and Health Regulations

Version of section 17.14 from 2006-03-22 to 2014-05-28:

 Every first aid room provided in accordance with section 17.13 shall be

  • (a) under the supervision of

    • (i) in the case where a physician is available in the work place, the physician,

    • (ii) in the case where there is a medic and no physician available in the work place, the medic, or

    • (iii) in any other case, the first aid attendant available in the work place who is the holder of the highest level of first aid certificate;

  • (b) located as close as is practicable to the work place and within easy access to a

    • (i) toilet room,

    • (ii) telephone, and

    • (iii) list of telephone numbers for use in emergencies;

  • (c) constructed to allow for optimum ease of access to persons carrying a patient on a stretcher;

  • (d) maintained in an orderly and sanitary condition;

  • (e) clearly identified by a conspicuous sign;

  • (f) equipped with

    • (i) a lockable storage cupboard and a counter,

    • (ii) the first aid supplies and equipment set out in Column I of an item of Schedule V to this Part in the applicable quantities set out in Column II of that item of that Schedule,

    • (iii) a copy of the emergency procedures referred to in section 18.9 of Part XVIII, and

    • (iv) information regarding hazardous substances in the work place and the first aid required to treat exposure to the hazardous substances; and

  • (g) maintained, where practicable, at a temperature of not less than 18°C and not more than 24°C, measured 1 m above the floor.

  • SOR/88-199, ss. 17(E), 19
  • SOR/94-165, s. 70(E)
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