Esquimalt Graving Dock Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2010-03-31:

SCHEDULE II(Sections 2, 4, 5, 17, 20, 27, 28 and 34)Tariff of Dock Charges

Column IColumn II
ItemServices and FacilitiesDock Charges
3Dockage for a vessel per unit of gross tonnage (minimum 2 500 tons), per day0.22
4Dockage for cargo on board per tonne of cargo, per day0.14
5Berthage at North Landing Wharf, per metre, per day
blank line(a) working vessels3.00
blank line(b) non-working vessels3.50
6Berthage at South Jetty, per metre, per day2.50
7Storage of cargo, building materials, equipment or machinery, per tonne, per day1.00
8Top wharfage, per tonne (minimum 50 tonnes) (one-time charge)2.50
9Crane per hour
blank line(a) with light hook75.00
blank line(b) with main hook, up to 50 tonne lift150.00
blank line(c) with main hook, over 50 tonne lift375.00
10Mobile Crane, per hour
blank line(a) 9-tonne crane65.00
blank line(b) 20-tonne crane75.00
11Forklift per hour55.00
12Air Compressor, per manifold hour35.00
13Motor work boat, per hour160.00
14Fresh water, per cubic metre0.55
15Electric power, per kilowatt hour0.15
16Parking, per section, per shift100.00
17Tie-up and letting go700.00
blank line(a) per standard (high mast), per hour2.25
blank line(b) per caisson (4 lights), per hour1.25
19Overtime labour of dry-dock employees, per employee, per hour50.00
20Commissionaire service, per employee, per hour25.00
  • SOR/95-462, s. 8
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