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Quebec Fishery Regulations, 1990

Version of section 25.1 from 2021-06-01 to 2024-05-01:

  •  (1) The licences referred to in item 1 of Part 1of Schedule 5 are not valid in salmon rivers during the Atlantic salmon fishing periods except in

    • (a) the waters of the Jacques-Cartier River referred to in item 41 of Schedule 6 that are between the Bird Dam at Pont-Rouge (46°44′55″N., 71°42′40″W.) and the bridge situated at the south entrance of the Valcartier military base (46°54′01″N., 71°30′40″W.); and

    • (b) the waters of the aux Rochers River referred to in item 89 of Schedule 6 that are between a straight line joining the point 50°01′05″N., 66°52′28″W. to the point 50°01′00″N., 66°52′20″W. and the downstream side of the bridge over the western branch of the river linking Port-Cartier-Ouest to Port-Cartier (Petit quai sector).

  • (2) The licences referred to in item 2 of Part 1 of Schedule 5 are also valid for fishing for species other than Atlantic salmon in salmon rivers during the Atlantic salmon fishing periods.

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