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Tax Court of Canada Rules (General Procedure)

Version of section 141 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-06-13:

  •  (1) A party who requires the attendance of a person as a witness at a hearing may serve the person with a subpoena requiring the person to attend the hearing at the time and place stated in the subpoena and the subpoena may also require the person to produce at the hearing the documents or other things in the person’s possession, control or power relating to the matters in question in the appeal that are specified in the subpoena. (Form 141(1))

  • (2) On the request of a party or of counsel, the Registrar, or some other person authorized by the Chief Justice, shall sign, seal and issue a blank subpoena and the party or counsel may complete the subpoena and insert the names of any number of witnesses.

  • (3) No subpoena for the production or an original record or document that may be proved by a certified copy shall be served without leave of the Court.

  • (4) A subpoena shall be served on the witness personally and, at the same time, witness fees and expenses calculated in accordance with Schedule II, Tariff A shall be paid or tendered to the witness.

  • (5) Service of a subpoena and the payment or tender of the witness fees and expenses may be proved by affidavit.

  • (6) A subpoena continues to have effect until the attendance of the witness is no longer required.

  • (7) Where a witness whose evidence is material to a proceeding is served with a subpoena and the proper witness fees and expenses are paid or tendered to the witness, and the witness fails to attend the hearing or to remain in attendance in accordance with the requirement of the subpoena, the judge may by a warrant for arrest cause the witness to be apprehended and forthwith brought before the Court. (Form 141(7))

  • (8) On being apprehended, the witness may be detained in custody until the presence of the witness is no longer required, or the witness is released on such terms as are just, and the witness may be ordered to pay the costs arising out of the failure to attend or remain in attendance.

  • SOR/2004-100, s. 44(E)

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