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Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations

Version of section 170.1 from 2011-08-19 to 2022-07-25:

  •  (1) Where an exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) program for horses, established by the appropriate Commission, is implemented at a race-course of an association, the Executive Director shall, subject to the other requirements of these Regulations, approve pari-mutuel betting at that race-course where the Commission, at that race-course,

    • (a) establishes and maintains an up-to-date EIPH list and provides the test inspector with a copy of it at the beginning of every racing card;

    • (b) ensures that any horse on the EIPH list remains on that list for a period of at least 100 days;

    • (c) maintains an accurate medication record in respect of every horse on the EIPH list;

    • (d) prohibits any horse on the EIPH list from racing after a recurrence of bleeding during or after a race that is confirmed by a veterinarian designated by the appropriate Commission, for a minimum period of

      • (i) 14 consecutive days after that recurrence,

      • (ii) 90 consecutive days after the second recurrence, and

      • (iii) 365 consecutive days after the third recurrence;

    • (e) verifies that any horse on the EIPH list receives the drug furosemide, in an amount not less than 150 mg and not more than 250 mg, intravenously, four hours plus or minus fifteen minutes before the post time of the race in which the horse is entered;

    • (f) ensures that any horse on the EIPH list that did not receive the drug furosemide in accordance with paragraph (e) is scratched;

    • (g) where any horse on the EIPH list did not receive the drug furosemide, as evidenced by the absence of that drug in an analysis of an official sample of urine collected from that horse, prohibits the horse from racing for a minimum period of 14 consecutive days; and

    • (h) ensures that an officer is given, on request, access to records maintained for the EIPH list.

  • (1.1) For the purposes of paragraph (1)(a), the Commission shall add a horse to the list if the following conditions are met:

    • (a) the owner or trainer of the horse and the consulting veterinarian licensed by the appropriate Commission have determined that it would be in the horse’s best interest to be placed on the list; and

    • (b) the veterinarian designated by the appropriate Commission has endorsed that determination.

  • (2) Where a horse on an EIPH list is chosen to undergo a test pursuant to subsection 161(1), the owner or trainer of the horse shall provide a test inspector, immediately after the race, with an official sample of blood collected in accordance with section 162.

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