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Canadian International Trade Tribunal Rules

Version of section 73.3 from 2018-04-26 to 2024-02-06:

 If the President determines that the expiry of the order or finding is likely to result in a continuation or resumption of dumping or subsidizing, the President must provide without delay to the Tribunal under subsection 76.03(9) of the Special Import Measures Act the following information:

  • (a) the reasons for the determination;

  • (b) information relating to the enforcement of the Tribunal’s order or finding and, in particular, to the extent available, the total volume and value of the imports and the volume and value of the dumped or subsidized imports and undumped or unsubsidized imports; and

  • (c) any other information that has been taken into consideration by the President.

  • SOR/2000-139, s. 36
  • SOR/2018-87, s. 62

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