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Canadian International Trade Tribunal Rules

Version of section 90 from 2006-03-22 to 2018-04-25:

  •  (1) A written complaint by a domestic producer referred to in paragraph 89(a) shall be

    • (a) signed by the complainant or by the complainant’s counsel;

    • (b) filed with the Secretary; and

    • (c) accompanied by the following information:

      • (i) the facts on which the allegations are based,

      • (ii) the nature of the relief sought,

      • (iii) the goods in issue,

      • (iv) the sources from which the goods are being imported at preferential rates,

      • (v) the name, address for service, telephone number and fax number, if any, of the complainant and of the complainant’s counsel, if any,

      • (vi) a list of any documents that may be useful in explaining or supporting the complaint,

      • (vii) a list of any other domestic producers of the goods referred to in the complaint, indicating which, if any, of those producers support the complaint,

      • (viii) the information referred to in paragraphs 83(d) and (e), and

      • (ix) such other information as is available to the complainant to prove the facts referred to in subparagraph (i).

  • (2) If the Tribunal determines that the information provided by the complainant and any other information examined by the Tribunal discloses a reasonable indication that the domestic producer has suffered, or may suffer, injury as a result of imports occurring or that might occur under the tariff preferences referred to in paragraph 89(a), the Tribunal shall commence an inquiry into the complaint.

  • SOR/2000-139, s. 49
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