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Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations (SOR/92-620)

Regulations are current to 2024-02-06 and last amended on 2019-11-30. Previous Versions

 For the purposes of section 30 of the Act, the Service shall consider the following factors in assigning a security classification to each inmate:

  • (a) the seriousness of the offence committed by the inmate;

  • (b) any outstanding charges against the inmate;

  • (c) the inmate’s performance and behaviour while under sentence;

  • (d) the inmate’s social, criminal and, if available, young-offender history and any dangerous offender designation under the Criminal Code;

  • (e) any physical or mental illness or disorder suffered by the inmate;

  • (f) the inmate’s potential for violent behaviour; and

  • (g) the inmate’s continued involvement in criminal activities.

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