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Integrated Circuit Topography Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2007-06-01:

SCHEDULE(Subsection 20(1) and sections 27 and 28)Tariff of Fees

1Filing an applicationblank line$200.00
2Amending an application in accordance with a request made pursuant to subsection 20(1) of these Regulationsblank line    75.00
3Entering in the register particulars of a transfer of an interest or grant of a licence affecting a registered topography pursuant to subsection 21(1) of the Actblank line    75.00
4Amending an entry in the register or making a new entry therein pursuant to subsection 21(2) of the Actblank line    75.00
5Amending a certificate of registration or issuing a new certificate, pursuant to subsection 19(4) of the Act, for the purpose of correcting a typographical or clerical error made as a result of incorrect information provided by the applicantblank line    75.00
6Transmitting material on file to the Federal Court pursuant to section 27 of these Regulationsblank line  100.00
7Providing a copy of a document, of entries in or extracts from the register or of any material referred to in section 26 of these Regulations, for each page measuring 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8½ inches x 11 inches) or lessblank line      5.00
8Providing a certified copy of a document referred to in subsection 15(2) of the Actblank line    50.00
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