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Employment Insurance Regulations (SOR/96-332)

Regulations are current to 2024-04-01 and last amended on 2023-12-08. Previous Versions

  •  (1) The information and evidence to be provided to the Commission by a claimant in order to prove inability to work because of illness, injury or quarantine under paragraph 18(1)(b) or subsection 152.03(1) of the Act, is a medical certificate completed by a medical doctor or other medical professional attesting to the claimant’s inability to work and stating the probable duration of the illness, injury or quarantine.

  • (1.1) [Repealed, SOR/2020-44, s. 1]

  • (2) Notwithstanding that a certificate is provided by a claimant pursuant to subsection (1), the Commission may require a claimant to undergo a medical examination at such time and place as it may reasonably direct for the purpose of determining the nature of the illness, injury or quarantine, the physical or mental condition of the claimant, the probable duration of the inability to work and any other circumstances relating to that inability.

  • (3) A medical examination referred to in subsection (2) shall be made at the expense of the Commission and a claimant who undergoes such an examination shall be reimbursed for their reasonable travel and other expenses.

  • (4) For the purposes of paragraphs 8(2)(a) and 18(1)(b) and subsections 28(7) and 152.03(1) of the Act, illness, injury or quarantine is any illness, injury or quarantine that renders a claimant incapable of performing the duties of their regular or usual employment or of other suitable employment.

  • (5) A pregnancy that is terminated within the first 19 weeks is an illness for the purposes of paragraph 18(1)(b) and subsection 152.03(1) of the Act.

  • (6) The Commission may waive the waiting period in respect of the benefit period of a claimant if

    • (a) the claimant qualifies to receive benefits in that benefit period by reason of an interruption of earnings as described in subsection 14(2) or section 14.01; and

    • (b) after the claimant ceased to work, allowances, payments or other moneys are payable to the claimant by the claimant's employer or former employer as sick leave pay.

  • (7) [Repealed, SOR/2020-44, s. 1]

  • (8) [Repealed, SOR/2020-44, s. 1]

  • (9) [Repealed, SOR/2020-44, s. 1]

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