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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 604.98 from 2014-05-29 to 2018-12-11:

  •  (1) No private operator shall assign flight time to a flight crew member, and no flight crew member shall accept such an assignment, if the flight crew member’s total flight time in all flights conducted under this Subpart, Part IV or Part VII would, as a result, exceed

    • (a) 1,200 hours in a period of 12 consecutive months;

    • (b) 300 hours in a period of 90 consecutive days;

    • (c) 120 hours in a period of 30 consecutive days; or

    • (d) 8 hours in a period of 24 consecutive hours, if the assignment is for a single-pilot IFR flight.

  • (2) If a flight crew’s flight duty time is extended under section 604.101, each flight crew member accumulates, for the purposes of subsection (1), the total flight time for the flight or the total flight time for the series of flights, as the case may be.

  • SOR/2014-131, s. 18

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