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Exporters’ and Producers’ Records Regulations

Version of section 1 from 2016-06-14 to 2023-06-22:

 The definitions in this section apply in these Regulations.


Act means the Customs Act. (Loi)

advance ruling

advance ruling means an advance ruling referred to in Article 509 of NAFTA, Article 5.8 of CIFTA, Article E-09 of CCFTA, Article V.9 of CCRFTA, Article 28 of Annex C of CEFTA, Article 419 of CPFTA, Article 419 of CCOFTA, Article 5-9 of CJFTA or Article 4.10 of CPAFTA. (décision anticipée)

commercial goods

commercial goods means goods exported for sale or for any industrial, occupational, commercial, institutional or other like use. (marchandises commerciales)

indirect material

indirect material means a good used in the production, testing or inspection of a good but not physically incorporated into the good, or a good used in the maintenance of buildings or the operation of equipment associated with the production of a good, including

  • (a) fuel and energy;

  • (b) tools, dies and moulds;

  • (c) spare parts and materials used in the maintenance of equipment and buildings;

  • (d) lubricants, greases, compounding materials and other materials used in production or used to operate equipment and buildings;

  • (e) gloves, glasses, footwear, clothing, safety equipment and supplies;

  • (f) equipment, devices and supplies used for testing or inspecting the goods;

  • (g) catalysts and solvents; and

  • (h) any other goods that are not incorporated into the good but whose use in the production of the good can reasonably be demonstrated to be part of that production. (matière indirecte)


material means a good used in the production of another good, and includes a part or an ingredient. (matière)


producer means a person who grows, mines, harvests, fishes, traps, hunts, manufactures, processes or assembles a good. (producteur)


production means growing, mining, harvesting, fishing, trapping, hunting, manufacturing, processing or assembling a good. (production)

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