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Mackenzie Valley Land Use Regulations

Version of section 29 from 2006-03-22 to 2013-09-29:

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (3), every permittee shall, within 60 days after the completion of a land-use operation or the expiration of the permit, whichever occurs first, submit a final plan in duplicate to the Board and, where the land-use operation was carried out on private lands, to the landowner thereof, showing

    • (a) the lands on which the land-use operation was conducted;

    • (b) the location of

      • (i) lines, trails, rights-of-way and cleared areas that were used by the permittee during the land-use operation, specifying those that were cleared by the permittee and those that existed before the operation began,

      • (ii) buildings, structures, campsites, air landing strips, air navigation aids, fuel and supply storage sites, waste disposal sites, excavations and other works and places that were constructed or used by the permittee in the land-use operation, and

      • (iii) bridges, dams, ditches, railroads, roads, transmission lines, pipelines, survey lines, monuments, air landing strips, watercourses, traplines and cabins and all other features or works that were affected by the land-use operation; and

    • (c) calculations of the area of the lands used in the land-use operation.

  • (2) A final plan submitted pursuant to subsection (1) shall be

    • (a) certified by the permittee, or by an agent of the permittee, as to the accuracy of

      • (i) locations, distances and areas, and

      • (ii) the representation of the land-use operation; or

    • (b) drawn from and accompanied by positive prints of vertical aerial photographs, aerial photomosaics or a legal survey showing the lands on which the land-use operation was conducted.

  • (3) On receipt of a written request from a permittee for an extension of time for the filing of a final plan, the Board may extend the time for filing the final plan by not more than 60 days.

  • (4) The Board shall reject any final plan that is not in compliance with this section and section 30.

  • (5) Within three weeks after receipt of written notice from the Board rejecting a plan, a permittee shall submit to the Board a final plan that complies with this section and section 30.

  • (6) Notwithstanding the expiration or cancellation of a permit, the submission of a final plan or the giving of a notice of discontinuance under section 37, a permittee remains responsible for all obligations arising under the permit or under these Regulations until such time as the Board issues a letter of clearance pursuant to section 33.

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