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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section G.03.001 from 2010-10-21 to 2019-12-08:

  •  (1) A pharmacist, on receipt of a controlled drug from a licensed dealer or from another pharmacist, shall keep a record of the name and quantity of the controlled drug received by them, the name and address of the person who sold or provided it and the date it was received.

  • (2) The record of information referred to in subsection (1) shall be kept

    • (a) in a manner that permits an audit to be made; and

    • (b) subject to subsection (3), in a book, register or similar record maintained exclusively for controlled drugs.

  • (3) The record of information referred to in subsection (1) may, with respect to a controlled drug listed in Part II or III of the schedule to this Part, be kept in a form other than that specified in paragraph (2)(b).

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