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Health of Animals Regulations

Version of section 72 from 2022-10-20 to 2024-06-19:

 The following definitions apply in this Part.


balut means a fertilized commercial poultry egg containing a partially developed embryo that is intended for human consumption. (balut)

commercial poultry

commercial poultry means poultry that are used for the production of meat, poultry products or by-products — including balut — for human consumption or for breeding to produce commercial poultry, but does not include poultry that are kept for any other reason, including poultry that are kept, bred or sold as pets or for use in shows, races, exhibitions or competitions. (volaille commerciale)

supply flock

supply flock means a primary breeding flock of commercial poultry, or a flock that is descended from a such a flock, that produces eggs or chicks that are supplied to a hatchery. (troupeau fournisseur)

Testing Standards

Testing Standards means the Canadian Hatchery and Supply Flock Testing Standards, prepared by the Agency and published on its website, as amended from time to time. (Normes d’épreuves)

  • SOR/2022-218, s. 1

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