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Fertilizers Regulations

Version of section 19 from 2020-10-26 to 2022-06-01:

  •  (1) All the information that is required by these Regulations to appear on a label shall be printed conspicuously, legibly and indelibly in English and French with both versions being of equal prominence and in close proximity to each other.

  • (2) The label of a fertilizer or supplement shall not have printed on it any incorrect or misleading information or symbol that could reasonably be expected to mislead a purchaser with respect to whether the labelled product is a fertilizer or a supplement, as the case may be, or to the safety, composition or directions for use of the fertilizer or supplement.

  • SOR/79-365, s. 15
  • SOR/93-155, s. 2
  • SOR/2020-232, s. 11
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