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Approved Screening Devices Order



Registration 1985-11-27

Order Approving Certain Screening Devices for the Purposes of Section 254 of the Criminal Code

The Attorney General of Canada, pursuant to the definition approved screening deviceFootnote * in subsection 238(1) of the Criminal Code, hereby revokes the Approved Road-Side Screening Device Order, made on April 7, 1983Footnote **, and makes the annexed Order approving certain screening devices for the purposes of section 238 of the Criminal Code, in substitution therefor, effective December 4, 1985.

Ottawa, November 7, 1985

Attorney General of Canada

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Approved Screening Devices Order.

Approved Screening Devices

 The following devices, each being a device of a kind that is designed to ascertain the presence of alcohol in the blood of a person, are hereby approved for the purposes of section 254 of the Criminal Code:

  • (a) Alcolmeter S-L2;

  • (b) Alco-Sûr;

  • (c) Alcotest® 7410 PA3;

  • (d) Alcotest® 7410 GLC;

  • (e) Alco-Sensor IV DWF;

  • (f) Alco-Sensor IV PWF;

  • (g) Intoxilyzer 400D;

  • (h) Alco Sensor FST; and

  • (i) Dräger Alcotest 6810.

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