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General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations

Version of section 19 from 2006-03-22 to 2008-04-16:

 The following facilities are prescribed as nuclear facilities for the purpose of paragraph (i) of the definition nuclear facility in section 2 of the Act:

  • (a) a facility for the management, storage or disposal of waste containing radioactive nuclear substances at which the resident inventory of radioactive nuclear substances contained in the waste is 1015 Bq or more;

  • (b) a plant for the production of deuterium or deuterium compounds using hydrogen sulphide; and

  • (c) a facility that consists of

    • (i) an irradiator that uses more than 1015 Bq of a nuclear substance,

    • (ii) an irradiator that requires shielding which is not part of the irradiator and that can deliver radiation at a dose rate exceeding 1 centigray per minute at 1 m,

    • (iii) a radioactive source teletherapy machine, or

    • (iv) a brachytherapy machine.

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