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Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Rules of Procedure

Version of section 13 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-09-17:

  •  (1) In the case of a public hearing that is conducted by the Commission, a participant may request the Commission to issue a summons by submitting a request in writing before the start of the hearing or an oral request at the hearing, but in any case as soon as the circumstances giving rise to the request become known to the participant.

  • (2) The request for a summons shall set out

    • (a) the reasons for the summons;

    • (b) how any information, record or thing to be produced by the person to be summoned is relevant to the matter; and

    • (c) why the person to be summoned is the appropriate person to produce the information, record or thing.

  • (3) A summons shall be served directly on the person to be summoned at least seven days before the day on which the person is required to attend the public hearing.

  • (4) A person who has been summoned to a public hearing shall attend at the time and day specified and every day of the hearing, unless the Commission directs that the person must only attend on certain days, or that the presence of the person is no longer required.

  • (5) Where a public hearing is adjourned and the day for its reconvening is not disclosed at the time of the adjournment, the person who requested the summons, or, where the Commission issues the summons on its own initiative, the Commission must notify the person who is under summons of the date of the reconvening

    • (a) at least five days before the person summoned is to re-attend; or

    • (b) where the Commission has given less than five days notice of the reconvening, within such notice period as is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

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