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Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, 2001

Version of section 12 from 2012-03-30 to 2016-06-21:

Marginal note:Documents

  •  (1) The person responsible must prepare and maintain documents containing the following information and must keep those documents for a period of at least three years after the date of manufacture or importation:

    • (a) for a container that comes into direct contact with the chemical product, the specifications critical to the child-resistant characteristics of the container, which specifications must include

      • (i) the physical measurements within which the container retains its child-resistant characteristics,

      • (ii) if applicable, the torque that must be applied to open or close the container, and

      • (iii) the compatibility of the container and its closure system with the chemical product that is to be put into it; and

    • (b) the test results that demonstrate that the container and its closure system comply with the requirements of a standard set out in paragraph 9(b).

  • Marginal note:Inspection

    (2) Within 15 days after receipt of a request from an inspector, the person responsible for a chemical product that is required by these Regulations to be packaged in a child-resistant container must provide the documents referred to in subsection (1) to the inspector.

  • SOR/2012-71, s. 4

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