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Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Version of section 1.47 from 2023-07-05 to 2023-10-24:

 Subsection 5.10(1) does not apply to the offering for transport, handling or transport of UN1044, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, if the fire extinguishers

  • (a) do not contain dangerous goods included in Class 2.3, Class 6.1 or Class 8;

  • (b) are contained in an outer means of containment;

  • (c) have a capacity less than 18 L or, if they contain liquefied gas, a capacity less than 0.6 L;

  • (d) have an internal pressure less than or equal to 1 650 kPa at 21°C; and

  • (e) are manufactured, tested, maintained, marked and used in accordance with ULC Standard S504, ULC Standard S507, ULC Standard S512 or ULC Standard S554.

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