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Marine Transportation Security Regulations

Version of section 375 from 2008-12-15 to 2014-06-18:

  •  (1) The port security officer shall, in respect of the port, keep records of

    • (a) security training, including the date, the duration and description and the names of the participants;

    • (b) security drills and exercises, including the date and description, the names of the participating marine facilities and any best practices or lessons learned that might improve the port security plan;

    • (c) security threats, breaches of security and security incidents, including the date, time, location and description, the response to them and the person to whom they were reported;

    • (d) changes in the MARSEC level, including the date, the time that notification was received and the time of compliance with the security requirements of the new level;

    • (e) maintenance, calibration and testing of equipment used in security, including the date and time of the activity and the equipment involved;

    • (f) internal audits and reviews of security activities;

    • (g) security assessment information;

    • (h) the port security assessment and each periodic review of the port security assessment, including the date on which it was conducted and the findings of the review;

    • (i) the port security plan and each periodic review of the port security plan, including the date on which it was conducted, the findings of the review and any amendments to the plan that are recommended;

    • (j) each amendment to the port security plan, including the date of its approval and implementation;

    • (k) a list of the persons in the port administration who have security responsibilities;

    • (l) an up-to-date list containing the names of screening officers; and

    • (m) an up-to-date list, by name and position, of the holders of security clearances.

  • (2) Records respecting equipment that is not used exclusively for security may be kept separately from the records respecting equipment that is used exclusively for security if

    • (a) the port security officer documents, in written or electronic form, their existence and location and the name of the person responsible for their maintenance; and

    • (b) they are accessible to the port security officer.

  • (3) The port security officer shall ensure that the records are kept for at least two years after the day on which they are made and make them available to the Minister on request.

  • (4) The records shall be protected from unauthorized access or disclosure.

  • (5) The records may be kept in electronic format if they are protected from deletion, destruction and revision.

  • (6) No person shall disclose security information contained in the records, unless the disclosure is for the purpose of complying with these Regulations.

  • SOR/2006-269, s. 13

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