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Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations

Version of section 27 from 2008-06-12 to 2012-05-03:

 The owner or operator of a storage tank system that has tested or inspected any component of the system for leaks under sections 16 to 26 must keep a record that includes the following information:

  • (a) the test or inspection date;

  • (b) the storage tank system identification number;

  • (c) the type of petroleum product or allied petroleum product stored in the system;

  • (d) the test or inspection results;

  • (e) the testing method;

  • (f) the name and address of the individual and, if applicable, the company that performed the test or inspection; and

  • (g) the components of the corrosion analysis program referred to in subparagraph 23(1)(a)(ii).

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