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Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 176 from 2010-06-03 to 2019-06-24:

  •  (1) All testing or work performed on electrical equipment must be performed by a person in charge or an employee under the direct supervision of a person in charge.

  • (2) Before authorizing a person to test or perform work on electrical equipment, the employer must ensure that a work permit referred to in section 166 has been obtained.

  • (3) If there is a possibility that the person in charge or the employee may receive a hazardous electrical shock during the performance of their testing or work,

    • (a) the person in charge or the employee must use insulated protection equipment and tools that will protect them from injury; and

    • (b) the employee must be trained and instructed in the use of the insulated protection equipment and tools.

  • (4) Subject to subsection (5), if an employee is working on or near electrical equipment that is live or may become live, the electrical equipment must be guarded.

  • (5) If it is not practicable for the electrical equipment to be guarded, the employer must take measures to protect the employee from injury by insulating the equipment from the employee or the employee from ground.

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