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Small Vessel Regulations

Version of section 411 from 2010-04-29 to 2021-06-22:

  •  (1) For the purposes of subsection (2), “river” does not include

    • (a) any waters seaward of a line drawn between the extremities of the shore at the river’s mouth at high tide; or

    • (b) the St. Lawrence River east of 70°53′ west longitude.

  • (2) A passenger-carrying vessel shall carry on board one or more life rafts with a total capacity sufficient to carry all persons on board, unless the vessel is

    • (a) not more than 8.5 m in length;

    • (b) engaged on a sheltered waters voyage; or

    • (c) at a distance of not more than two nautical miles from the shore of a river or lake, that distance being measured either from the mainland or from an island that can be used as a safe refuge from the weather.

  • (3) A passenger-carrying vessel that engages in voyages beyond the limits of a near coastal voyage, Class 2 shall not carry on board a coastal life raft unless it carried such a life raft on board before the day on which these Regulations came into force.

  • (4) For the purposes of subsections (2) and (3), near coastal voyage, Class 2 and sheltered waters voyage have the same meaning as in the Vessel Certificates Regulations.

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