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Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 9.1 from 2011-03-25 to 2019-06-24:

 The following definitions apply in this Part.

first aid attendant

first aid attendant means an employee who has, in the last three years, successfully completed basic first aid training, standard first aid training or first aid training for flight attendants. (secouriste)

health unit

health unit means a facility that is under the charge of a physician or a person who is registered as a registered nurse under the laws of a province and that, if it is under the control of the employer, meets the minimum requirements of a first aid room described in Part XVI of the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. (service de santé)


incapacitated means unable to perform assigned duties in the course of employment due to illness or injury. (incapacité)

medical treatment facility

medical treatment facility means a hospital, medical clinic or physician’s office, at which emergency medical treatment can be dispensed. (installation de traitement médical)

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