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Heavy-duty Vehicle and Engine Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations

Version of section 21 from 2013-02-22 to 2018-11-15:

Marginal note:Average standard

  •  (1) A company must group all its Class 2B and Class 3 heavy-duty vehicles and cab-complete vehicles of the 2014 and subsequent model years — excluding those referred to in the definition vocational vehicle in subsection 1(1) — into a fleet based on model year in accordance with section 18 and must ensure that the fleet average CO2 emission value calculated in accordance with section 23 for that fleet does not exceed the applicable fleet average CO2 emission standard calculated in accordance with section 22 for that fleet for that model year.

  • Marginal note:Offsetting deficit

    (2) When a company incurs a deficit based on the calculation referred to in subsection (1), it must offset the deficit by using the CO2 emission credits obtained in accordance with sections 34 to 47 for the averaging set in which the fleet is included.

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