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Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 12.15 from 2019-06-25 to 2023-03-06:

  •  (1) If there is a risk of drowning in a work place, the employer must

    • (a) provide every person who is granted access to the work place with

      • (i) a life jacket that meets the requirements set out in the Canadian General Standards Board Standard 65.7, Life Jackets, in its 2007 version, as it existed before its withdrawal in November 2016, published on the Government of Canada website,

      • (ii) a personal flotation device or buoyancy aid that has a level 70 performance within the meaning of UL Standard 12402-5, Personal flotation devices — Part 5: Buoyancy aids (level 50) — Safety requirements, when tested in accordance with UL Standard 12402-9, Personal Flotation Devices — Part 9: Test Methods, or

      • (iii) a safety net or a personal fall-protection system;

    • (b) provide emergency equipment and ensure that it is in good operating condition and readily available;

    • (c) ensure that a qualified person is available on site to operate the emergency equipment;

    • (d) if appropriate, provide a power boat and ensure that it is in good operating condition and readily available; and

    • (e) prepare written emergency procedures that contain

      • (i) a full description of the procedures to be followed and the responsibilities of all persons who are granted access to the work place, and

      • (ii) the location of any emergency equipment.

  • (2) If the work place is a wharf, dock, pier, quay or similar structure, a ladder that extends at least two rungs below water level must be installed on the face of the structure every 60 m along its length.

  • SOR/2019-243, s. 4
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