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Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 5.5 from 2006-03-22 to 2014-05-28:

  •  (1) An employer shall ensure that a qualified person, charged with the operation of a boiler, is in attendance and readily available at all times while the boiler is in operation and other employees are normally present in the same building as a boiler.

  • (2) The attendance referred to in subsection (1) is not required if

    • (a) the boiler is equipped with a fail-safe device and an automated warning device that will ensure the safe operation of the boiler and its shutdown if required, and that are installed in such a manner that they

      • (i) cannot be rendered inoperative, and

      • (ii) can be tested under operating conditions; and

    • (b) the boiler is rated below 2,000 kW in the case of a high pressure boiler, and below 3,000 kW in the case of a low pressure boiler, which includes a low pressure hot water boiler, a low pressure organic fluid boiler and a low pressure steam boiler.

  • (3) When a boiler is shut down by a device referred to in paragraph (2)(a), the boiler shall not be restarted unless it has been examined by a qualified person and the cause of the shutdown rectified.

  • SOR/88-632, s. 10(F)
  • SOR/2001-284, s. 1

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