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Employment Insurance Regulations

Version of section 12 from 2013-06-09 to 2016-07-02:

  •  (1) For the purposes of paragraph 7(4)(c) of the Act, the number of prescribed hours for any of the following weeks is 35 hours:

    • (a) a week in respect of which a claimant has received or will receive

      • (i) workers' compensation payments, other than a lump sum or pension paid in full and final settlement of a claim made for workers' compensation payments,

      • (ii) under a wage-loss indemnity plan, any earnings by reason of illness, injury or quarantine, pregnancy, the care of a child or children referred to in subsection 23(1) of the Act or the care or support of a family member referred to in subsection 23.1(2) of the Act or of a critically ill child,

      • (iii) indemnity payments referred to in paragraph 35(2)(f),

      • (iv) earnings because of which, pursuant to section 19 of the Act, no benefits are payable to the claimant, or

      • (v) an income support grant payment under the Atlantic Groundfish Strategy, other than a grant payment to provide support for an early retirement;

    • (b) a week in which the claimant was

      • (i) attending a course or program of instruction or training to which the claimant was referred by the Commission or by an authority designated by the Commission,

      • (ii) employed under the Self-employment employment benefit or the Job Creation Partnerships employment benefit established by the Commission under section 59 of the Act or under a similar benefit that is provided by a provincial government or other organization and is the subject of an agreement under section 63 of the Act,

      • (iii) prevented from establishing an interruption of earnings by virtue of the allocation of earnings pursuant to section 36,

      • (iv) serving a week of the waiting period, or

      • (v) serving a week of disqualification under section 28 of the Act or disqualified under section 30 of the Act for a week of unemployment for which benefits would otherwise be payable;

    • (c) a week of unemployment due to a stoppage of work attributable to a labour dispute at the factory, workshop or other premises at which the claimant was employed.

  • (1.1) [Repealed, SOR/98-424, s. 1]

  • (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), no week shall be taken into account if it has already been taken into account or if it coincides with a week of benefits paid.

  • (3) [Repealed, SOR/2013-45, s. 2]

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