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Employment Insurance Regulations

Version of section 41.4 from 2013-06-09 to 2017-12-02:

  •  (1) A critically ill child is a person who is under 18 years of age on the day on which the period referred to in subsection 23.2(3) or (4) or 152.061(3) or (4) of the Act begins, whose baseline state of health has significantly changed and whose life is at risk as a result of an illness or injury.

  • (2) For the purposes of subsections 23.2(1) and 152.061(1) of the Act,

    • (a) a parent is a person who, in law, is a parent (including an adoptive parent) of a critically ill child, has the custody of or, in Quebec, parental authority over the child, or is the guardian of the child or, in Quebec, the tutor to the person of the child, or a person with whom the child is placed for the purposes of adoption under the laws governing adoption in the province in which the person resides; and

    • (b) a specialist medical doctor is a medical doctor who is licensed to practise medicine in Canada as a specialist.

  • SOR/2013-102, s. 12

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