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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 703.64 from 2006-03-22 to 2009-05-27:

  •  (1) No person shall operate a multi-engined aircraft with passengers on board in IMC unless the aircraft is equipped with

    • (a) a power failure warning device or vacuum indicator to show the power available for gyroscopic instruments from each power source;

    • (b) an alternate source of static pressure for the altimeter and the airspeed and vertical speed indicators;

    • (c) two generators, each of which is driven by a separate engine or by a rotor drive train; and

    • (d) two independent sources of energy, at least one of which is an engine-driven pump or generator, and each of which is able to drive all gyroscopic instruments and is installed so that the failure of one instrument or one source of energy will affect neither the energy supply to the remaining instruments nor the other source of energy.

  • (2) No person shall operate an aircraft at night unless the aircraft is equipped with at least one landing light.

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