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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 705.08 from 2009-05-28 to 2022-12-06:

 An air operator certificate shall contain

  • (a) the legal name, trade name and address of the air operator;

  • (b) the number of the air operator certificate;

  • (c) the effective date of certification;

  • (d) the date of issue of the certificate;

  • (e) the general conditions identified in section 705.09;

  • (f) specific conditions with respect to

    • (i) the areas of operation authorized,

    • (ii) the types of service authorized,

    • (iii) the types of aircraft authorized and, if applicable, their registration, and any operational restrictions, and

    • (iv) the main base, scheduled points and, if applicable, sub-bases; and

  • (g) where the air operator complies with the Commercial Air Service Standards, operations specifications with respect to

    • (i) aircraft performance, equipment and emergency equipment requirements,

    • (ii) instrument approach procedures,

    • (iii) enroute aerodrome authorizations and limitations,

    • (iv) special weather minima authorizations,

    • (v) authorizations concerning flight crew member qualifications and crew member complement,

    • (vi) navigation system authorizations,

    • (vii) pilot training and pilot proficiency checks,

    • (viii) the air operator maintenance control system approved pursuant to Subpart 6,

    • (ix) leasing arrangements,

    • (x) the use of synthetic flight training devices, and

    • (xi) any other condition pertaining to the operation that the Minister deems necessary for aviation safety.

  • SOR/2009-152, s. 17

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