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Federal Courts Rules

Version of the schedule from 2013-02-08 to 2022-01-12:

FORM 458BRule 458Interim Charging Order — Securities

(General Heading - Use Form 66)


WHEREAS by a judgment (or order) made on (date) the defendant (or as the case may be) was ordered to pay to the plaintiff (or as the case may be) the sum of $(amount) and $(amount) in costs;

WHEREAS that the sum of $(amount) remains due and unpaid;

AND WHEREAS the defendant (or as the case may be) has an interest in the securities more particularly described in the Schedule to this order;

IT IS ORDERED that unless sufficient reasons to the contrary are shown before the (date) at (time), when this matter will be further considered by the Court at (place), the defendant’s (or as the case may be) interest in the securities shall, and it is ordered that in the meantime it does, stand charged with the payment of $(amount) including any interest due on the judgment (or order) together with the costs of this motion.

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(Signature of judge or prothonotary)


(Describe, with full particulars, the relevant shares, bonds or other securities, stating their full title, their value and the name in which they stand and whether the beneficial interest charged is in the securities only or in the dividends or interest as well.)

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