Notice of Consultation

Marginal note:Notice of consultation
  •  (1) If a matter is brought before the Commission on the Commission’s own initiative, the Commission must post a notice of consultation on its website.

  • Marginal note:Content of notice

    (2) The notice must set out

    • (a) the nature of the matters to be considered and the deadline for intervening in the proceeding;

    • (b) any deadline for filing a reply with the Commission;

    • (c) if the Commission will request any parties to appear before it, the date and time of the commencement of the public hearing and the place of the hearing, which in telecommunications matters is fixed by the Chairperson of the Commission; and

      Note : Subsection 18(4) of the Broadcasting Act grants the Chairperson of the Commission the power to designate the place of a public hearing in relation to broadcasting matters.

    • (d) in telecommunications matters, any permission granted by the Commission for a party to make a request for information from another party and the deadlines referred to in sections 73 to 76.


Marginal note:Filing and service of application
  •  (1) An application must be

    • (a) filed with the Commission;

    • (b) served on any respondent and any other persons that the Commission directs; and

    • (c) accompanied by a list of the persons on whom the application is served and the email address of each, if any.

  • Marginal note:Form and content of application

    (2) An application must be made using the appropriate form listed in Broadcasting and Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-453, as amended from time to time. If none of the forms listed in the Bulletin is appropriate, the application must

    • (a) set out the name, address and email address of the applicant and any designated representative;

    • (b) set out the applicant’s website address or, if the application is not posted on their website, the email address where an electronic copy of the application may be requested;

    • (c) be divided into parts and consecutively numbered paragraphs;

    • (d) identify the statutory or regulatory provisions under which the application is made;

    • (e) contain a clear and concise statement of the relevant facts, of the grounds of the application and of the nature of the decision sought;

    • (f) set out any amendments or additions to these Rules proposed by the applicant; and

    • (g) include any other information that might inform the Commission as to the nature, purpose and scope of the application, and be accompanied by any supporting documents.

Marginal note:Posting of application

 The Commision must post on its website all applications that comply with the requirements set out in section 22.