Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations (SOR/78-830)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16

Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations



Registration 1978-11-03

Regulations Respecting Game in Wood Buffalo National Park

P.C. 1978-3324 1978-11-02

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, pursuant to subsection 7(1) of the National Parks Act, is pleased hereby to revoke the Wood Buffalo Park Game Regulations made by Order in Council P.C. 1954-1739 of 18th November, 1954Footnote 1, as amendedFootnote 2, and to make the annexed Regulations respecting game in Wood Buffalo National Park.


 These Regulations may be cited as the Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations.



  •  (1) In these Regulations,

    “big game”

    “big game” means bison (buffalo), wapiti (elk), any member of the deer family whether known as caribou, moose, deer or otherwise, bear and any part of such animals; (gros gibier)

    “certificate of registration”

    “certificate of registration” means a certificate of registration issued pursuant to subsection 14(1); (certificat d’enregistrement)


    “Director”[Repealed, SOR/91-420, s. 1]


    “dog” means any member of the species Canis familiaris and any cross-breed thereof; (chien)


    “firearm” means any weapon from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged and that is capable of causing bodily injury or death, and includes anything that can be adapted for use as a firearm; (arme à feu)

    “former Regulations”

    “former Regulations” means the Wood Buffalo Park Game Regulations, being P.C. 1954-1739 of November 18, 1954; (anciens règlements)

    “fur bearing animal”

    “fur bearing animal” means a beaver, coyote, fisher, fox, lynx, marten, mink, muskrat, otter, skunk, squirrel, weasel, ermine or wolverine or wolf and includes any part of such animal; (animaux à fourrure)


    “game” means any wild mammal, amphibian, reptile or bird and includes any part of such mammal, amphibian, reptile or bird or any egg thereof; (gibier)

    “general hunting permit”

    “general hunting permit” means a permit issued pursuant to section 12; (permis général de chasse)

    “group leader”

    “group leader” means a member of a group who is named on a certificate of registration and who is duly chosen by a majority of group members for a trapping area to act on their behalf, or the holder of the certificate of registration if the holder is the only person named in the certificate; (chef du groupe)

    “group member”

    “group member” means a person who is named on a certificate of registration and includes the holder of the certificate; (membre du groupe)


    “highway” means a highway in the Park and includes a common or public highway, street, road, avenue, parkway, driveway or bridge intended for use by the general public for the passage of motor vehicles; (route)


    “hunt” means to trap, chase, pursue, worry, follow after or on the trail of, search for, shoot at, stalk or lie in wait for, or any attempt made in any manner to capture, kill or injure any game whether or not the game is captured, killed or injured; (chasser)


    “loaded”, with respect to a firearm, means the presence of a live shell or cartridge in the breach, chamber or attached magazine of the firearm; (chargé)

    “migratory bird”

    “migratory bird” has the same meaning as in the Migratory Birds Regulations; (oiseau migrateur)


    “Minister”[Repealed, SOR/91-420, s. 1]

    “motor vehicle”

    “motor vehicle” means any vehicle that is designed to be driven by any means other than by muscular power; (véhicule automobile)

    “open season”

    “open season”, with respect to game, means the period in each year during which it is permitted to hunt for that game; (saison de chasse)

    “oversnow vehicle”

    “oversnow vehicle” means a motor vehicle that is designed to run on tracks or skis or both and to operate on snow or ice; (autoneige)


    “owner”, with respect to a dog, means a person who owns, harbours, possesses or has control or custody of a dog; (propriétaire)


    “Park” means Wood Buffalo National Park; (parc)

    “permit year”

    “permit year” means the period from the first day of July in any year to the thirtieth day of June in the year next following; (année de permis)


    “possession” means possession as referred to in subsection 3(4) of the Criminal Code; (possession)


    “resident” means a person who makes his home or resides in Wood Buffalo National Park or within eighty kilometres of the Park, and for greater certainty includes a person who makes his home or resides in the settlement of Fort Smith, Fort Resolution or Hay River in the Northwest Territories or of Jean D’Or Prairie, Fox Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Embarras Portage or Fort Fitzgerald in the Province of Alberta; (résident)


    “snare” means a type of trap constructed of wire, leather, rope or other material and manipulated in such a way as to form a noose capable of capturing game; (collet)


    “Superintendent”[Repealed, SOR/91-420, s. 1]


    “trap”, when used as a noun, means any structure, contrivance or device capable of catching and capturing game by affording entrance but not exit, and includes a snare; (piège)

    “trapper’s cabin”

    “trapper’s cabin” means a building or structure erected in a trapping area used as temporary living quarters by a person or persons actively engaged in trapping; (cabane de trappeur)

    “trapper’s cabin permit”

    “trapper’s cabin permit” means a permit issued pursuant to section 50; (permis de cabane de trappeur)

    “trapping area”

    “trapping area” means an area or location for hunting or trapping fur bearing animals described in a trapping permit or certificate or registration; (secteur de piégeage)

    “trapping permit”

    “trapping permit” means a permit issued pursuant to section 13. (permis de piégeage)

  • (2) Where a period of time is expressed in these Regulations to be a period from one day to another, the period shall include the first and the last days so expressed.

  • SOR/87-657, s. 1;
  • SOR/91-420, s. 1.