Mail Receptacles Regulations (SOR/83-743)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2014-11-07. Previous Versions


 Where a mail delivery service is inaugurated or extended to serve an area, delivery shall be effected to buildings in that area, subject to the following conditions:

  • (a) delivery shall be effected to any building, other than an apartment building, in which mail receiving facilities that comply with the requirements of Schedule II have been installed or in respect of which arrangements have been made with the local postmaster for delivery to an addressee or to the recognized representative of an addressee;

  • (b) delivery shall be effected to an apartment building if

    • (i) the apartment building has a central office located adjacent to the main entrance of the building to which mail may be delivered for all occupants, or

    • (ii) the apartment building is equipped with a mail box assembly constructed and located in accordance with the specifications set out in Schedule III;

  • (c) delivery shall be effected to parcel compartment units in an apartment building or office complex if the conditions set out in Schedule IV are complied with;

  • (d) subject to paragraph (e), delivery shall be effected to a place of business that has not installed a mail receiving facility that complies with the requirements of Schedule II, if

    • (i) the employee of the Corporation delivering the mail is able to enter the place of business, and

    • (ii) personal delivery of the mail can be made at or near the entrance of the place of business to its addressee or the recognized representative of an addressee;

  • (e) delivery shall only be effected to the residence or place of business of an addressee if that residence or place of business is not more than 35 m from a municipal thoroughfare or sidewalk unless delivery was effected to the addressee prior to July 1, 1979, or the addressee erects a mail box that is

    • (i) located on the property where the residence or place of business is located, and

    • (ii) adjacent to the thoroughfare or sidewalk;

  • (f) delivery shall not be effected to any building unless it is provided with a suitable path or other means of access from the road or sidewalk that is kept in a safe condition during all seasons of the year and is kept clear of any hostile or threatening animal;

  • (g) delivery shall not be effected to any building unless it bears a building number that conforms to the municipal plans at or near the entrance at which the mail receiving facility is installed; and

  • (h) delivery shall not be effected to any apartment building, commercial building or office complex where the main entrance is kept locked unless a lock provided by the Corporation is installed in such a manner that a post office representative can gain easy access to the building or complex or unless some other satisfactory arrangement has been made for such access with the local postmaster.

  • SOR/86-105, s. 1(F);
  • SOR/87-567, s. 1(F).

 Prior to the inauguration or extension of mail delivery service in any area, the Corporation shall send a notice to householders and the owners of apartment buildings and business premises in the area stating that if provision is not made for the reception of mail in accordance with these Regulations, mail will not be delivered to that address but will be left with the local postmaster to be collected by the addressee thereof.

  • SOR/86-105, s. 2(F).