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Access to Information Act

Version of section 65 from 2019-06-21 to 2023-11-14:

Marginal note:No summons

 The Information Commissioner or any person acting on behalf or under the direction of the Commissioner is not a competent or compellable witness, in respect of any matter coming to the knowledge of the Commissioner or that person as a result of performing any duties or functions under this Part during an investigation, in any proceedings other than a prosecution for an offence under this Part, a prosecution for an offence under section 131 of the Criminal Code (perjury) in respect of a statement made under this Part, a review before the Court under this Part or an appeal therefrom.

  • R.S., 1985, c. A-1, s. 65
  • R.S., 1985, c. 27 (1st Supp.), s. 187
  • 2019, c. 18, s. 39

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