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Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (S.C. 1997, c. 13)

Act current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2023-08-01. Previous Versions

PART VIIAgreements

Marginal note:Administrative agreements

  •  (1) The Minister may enter into agreements with provinces or other bodies respecting the administration and enforcement of this Act or any provision of this Act, including the designation of provincial or other officials and bodies as inspectors under this Act and the appointment of federal officials as inspectors under provincial legislation in respect of tobacco and vaping products.

  • Marginal note:Equivalency agreements

    (2) The Minister may enter into equivalency agreements with a province where there are in force, under the laws of that province, provisions that are equivalent to the provisions of this Act.

  • Marginal note:Order

    (3) The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister, by order, declare that certain provisions of this Act or the regulations, other than those creating an absolute prohibition, do not apply within a province in which an equivalency agreement is in force.

  • Marginal note:Table in Parliament

    (4) A copy of an equivalency agreement in respect of which an order is made under subsection (3) must be tabled in each House of Parliament within the first 15 sitting days of that House after the order is made.

  • 1997, c. 13, s. 60
  • 2015, c. 3, s. 155
  • 2018, c. 9, s. 67

PART VII.1Review of the Act

Marginal note:Review of the Act

  •  (1) The Minister must, three years after the day on which this section comes into force and every two years after that, undertake a review of the provisions and operation of this Act.

  • Marginal note:Report to Parliament

    (2) The Minister must, no later than one year after the day on which the review is undertaken, cause a report on the review to be tabled in each House of Parliament.

  • 2018, c. 9, s. 67.1

PART VIIIConsequential Amendments, Repeals and Coming into Force

Consequential Amendments




Coming into Force

Marginal note:Subsections 24(2) and (3)

  • Footnote * (1) Subsections 24(2) and (3) come into force on October 1, 1998 or on any earlier day that the Governor in Council may fix by order.

  • Marginal note:Application delayed — sponsorship before April 25, 1997

    (2) If a tobacco product-related brand element was displayed, at any time between January 25, 1996 and April 25, 1997, in promotional material that was used in the sponsorship of an event or activity that took place in Canada, subsections 24(2) and (3) do not apply until

    • (a) October 1, 2000 in relation to the display of a tobacco product-related brand element in promotional material that is used in the sponsorship of that event or activity or of a person or entity participating in that event or activity; and

    • (b) October 1, 2003 in relation to the display referred to in paragraph (a) on the site of the event or activity for the duration of the event or activity or for any other period that may be prescribed.

  • Marginal note:Promotional material

    (3) Subsections 24(2) and (3) apply beginning on October 1, 2000 and ending on September 30, 2003 to prohibit the furnishing to the public, on the site of an event or activity to which paragraph (2)(b) applies, of promotional material that displays a tobacco product-related brand element otherwise than in conformity with subsection 24(2).

  • 1997, c. 13, s. 66
  • 1998, c. 38, s. 4

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