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Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1111)

Regulations are current to 2023-11-14

Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations

C.R.C., c. 1111


Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations

 [Repealed, SOR/2004-314, s. 2]


 In these Regulations,

accessory building

accessory building means a subordinate building or portion of a main building that is not used for human habitation; (dépendance)

accessory use

accessory use, with respect to land, a subordinate building or part thereof, or a portion of a main building, means a use that is accessory or incidental to the principal use of that land or building; (usage secondaire)

accommodation unit

accommodation unit means a room for the accommodation of the public that contains at least one bed; (chambre)

automobile and trailer sales area

automobile and trailer sales area means an open area used for the display, sale or rental of new or used motor vehicles or trailers, where no repair work is done except minor incidental repairs to the motor vehicles or trailers to be displayed, sold or rented; (terrain de vente d’automobiles et de roulottes)

automobile parking space

automobile parking space means a space not less than nine feet by 20 feet, either within a building or on a lot or public parking area, intended for the temporary parking or storage of one automobile and with adequate provision for the ingress and egress of an automobile; (place de stationnement)

automobile service station

automobile service station means a place for supplying fuel, oil and minor accessories for motor vehicles at retail prices directly to the user and for making minor servicing or running repairs essential to the operation of motor vehicles; (station-service)

automobile trade

automobile trade means the storing, selling or offering for sale at retail prices of motor vehicles and accessories therefor; (commerce d’automobile)

boarding house

boarding house means a building or portion thereof, other than a hotel or an apartment block, where lodging or meals for four or more persons, exclusive of the proprietor and his family, are provided for gain or reward; (pension de famille)

building area

building area means the horizontal area of a building measured at ground level excluding porches, chimneys, steps, terraces, bay windows and other projections; (superficie du bâtiment)


carport means an open-sided roofed automobile shelter; (abri pour voiture)


cellar means that portion of a building having more than one-half of its height, from finished floor to the underside of the first floor, below the grade of the building; (cave)

corner lot

corner lot means a lot situated at the intersection of two or more streets; (lot d’angle)


Director[Repealed, SOR/92-61, s. 3]


director-general means the director-general of the Western Region of the Canadian Parks Service of the Department of the Environment; (directeur général)


district means an area of the Town of Jasper designated as a district pursuant to section 4; (zone)


dwelling means a building or portion thereof designed for residential occupancy and includes a one-family, two-family and multiple-family dwelling, but does not include a hotel, a boarding house or a motel; (habitation)

dwelling unit

dwelling unit means one or more rooms connected as a separate unit in the same structure and constituting an independent housekeeping unit for residential occupancy by a family, with facilities for persons to sleep, cook and eat and with its own sanitary facilities; (logement)

first storey

first storey means the storey of a building closest to the grade along the front of the building and having its ceiling six feet or more above the grade of the building; (rez-de-chaussée)

front lot line

front lot line means,

  • (a) in the case of an interior lot, the boundary line of the lot separating the lot from the street, and

  • (b) in the case of a corner lot

    • (i) with equal frontage, the front boundary line of the lot as designated by the director-general, and

    • (ii) with unequal frontage, the boundary line of the lot separating the narrowest street frontage of the lot from the street; (limite avant du lot)

front yard

front yard means the area of a lot fronting on a street and extending across the full width of the lot, and in the case of a lot with an unusual design or shape, the area designated by the director-general; (cour avant)

front yard depth

front yard depth means the average horizontal distance between the main structure, clear of projections or the main storage area on a lot, as the case may be, and the front lot line; (profondeur de la cour avant)


grade means

  • (a) with reference to a building, the average finished level of the ground around the building as determined by the director-general, and

  • (b) with reference to a street or lane, the finished level of that street or lane; (niveau du sol)

habitable room

habitable room means a room, other than a room in a cellar, designed for living, sleeping, eating or for the preparation of food, and includes a den, library, sewing room, recreation room or enclosed sunroom; (pièce habitable)

half storey

half storey means a storey under a roof, the wall plates of which on at least two exterior walls are not more than two feet above the floor thereof; (demi-étage)


height means, with reference to a building, the vertical distance of a building measured from the average level of the grade along the front of the building to

  • (a) the parapet, in the case of a flat roof,

  • (b) the deck line, in the case of a mansard roof, or

  • (c) the mean height level between eaves and ridge, in the case of a gable, hip or gambrel-roof; (hauteur)

home occupation

home occupation means an occupation conducted for gain or reward within a dwelling as a secondary use of that dwelling; (occupation à domicile)


hostel means a building intended for use or used as a temporary place of lodging for individuals and containing communal cooking facilities or provision for cooking in any individual room or apartment, but does not include a hotel or motel; (auberge)


hotel means a building containing

  • (a) not less than 20 guest bedrooms or suites with no provision for cooking therein, and

  • (b) a general kitchen or dining room and other public rooms,

but does not include a hostel or motel; (hôtel)

housekeeping unit

housekeeping unit means one or more habitable rooms for use as a unit for dwelling purposes by one family and containing separate facilities for the preparation of food; (unité de logement)

interior lot

interior lot means a lot other than a corner lot; (lot intérieur)

Jasper Townsite

Jasper Townsite[Repealed, SOR/92-61, s. 3]


lane means a public thoroughfare not over 33 feet in width that affords a secondary means of access to a lot; (ruelle)

living room

living room means the principal habitable room in a dwelling, not being a dining room, sleeping room, library, den, sewing room or sunroom; (vivoir)

loading space

loading space means a space,

  • (a) on the same lot with a building or contiguous to a group of buildings,

  • (b) intended for the temporary parking of a commercial vehicle while loading or unloading merchandise or materials, and

  • (c) that abuts upon a street, lane or other means of access; (espace de chargement)


lot means a parcel of lane abutting on a public street; (lot)

lot area

lot area means the total horizontal area within the boundary lines of a lot; (superficie du lot)

lot depth

lot depth means the horizontal distance of a lot between the front and rear lot lines, measured along the median between the side lot lines; (profondeur du lot)

lot width

lot width means the horizontal distance of a lot between the side lot lines, measured at right angles to the median between those lines at a point on the median that is midway between the front lot line and the rear lot line or 40 feet from the street it faces, whichever is the lesser; (largeur du lot)

mobile home

mobile home means a transportable one-family dwelling unit that is

  • (a) designed and constructed so as to be movable from place to place either on its own wheels or otherwise,

  • (b) equipped to receive service utilities so as to be suitable for year round long term occupancy, and

  • (c) capable of being on jacks, posts or piers,

but does not include a travel trailer; (maison mobile)


motel means a group of attached or detached buildings containing individual sleeping or housekeeping units, rooms or cabins designed primarily for temporary use by automobile tourists or transients, with a garage or parking space appurtenant to each unit, and includes an auto court, a tourist court, a motor hotel and a motor lodge; (motel)

multiple dwelling

multiple dwelling means a building or portion thereof designed for occupancy by three or more families living independently of each other; (habitation multifamiliale)

non-conforming structure

non-conforming structure means a structure or portion thereof that, on March 28, 1968, was lawfully located in a district but does not comply with the requirements of these Regulations applicable to that district; (construction non réglementaire)

non-conforming use

non-conforming use means, with reference to a building or land, the use to which the building or land was lawfully put in a district on March 28, 1968, but which use does not comply with the requirements of these Regulations applicable to that district; (usage non réglementaire)

one-family dwelling

one-family dwelling means a detached building containing only one dwelling unit and designed solely for occupancy by one family; (habitation familiale)

personal service shop

personal service shop means a building or part of a building in which services, other than repair services, are provided to individuals; (établissement de soins personnels)

private garage

private garage means a subordinate building or portion of a main building used for the parking or temporary storage of the motor vehicles of the occupants of the main building; (garage privé)

public garage

public garage means a building for the care, repair or equipping of motor vehicles or for the parking or storing of motor vehicles for remuneration, hire or sale; (garage public)

public parking area

public parking area means a structure or an open area, other than a street, used for the temporary parking of more than four automobiles and available for public use without charge or for compensation or as an accommodation for clients or customers; (stationnement public)

rear lot line

rear lot line means

  • (a) in the case of a regular shaped lot the boundary line opposite and furthest in distance from the front lot line, and

  • (b) in the case of an irregular shaped lot, a line 10 feet in length within the lot parallel to and at the maximum distance from the front lot line; (limite arrière d’un lot)

rear yard

rear yard means a yard extending across the full width of a lot between the rearmost main building or main storage area and the rear lot line; (cour arrière)

rear yard depth

rear yard depth means the distance measured horizontally from the nearest point of the rear lot line toward the nearest part of the main structure, clear of projections, or the main storage area, as the case may be; (profondeur de la cour arrière)

row house

row house means a detached building divided vertically into three or more dwelling units; (maison de rangée)

service shop

service shop means an enclosed building or part of a building in which the repair, sale and servicing of goods is carried on; (atelier de service)

side lot line

side lot line means any boundary line of a lot that is not a front lot line or a rear lot line; (limite latérale d’un lot)

side yard

side yard means a yard between a main building or main storage area and the side lot line extending from the nearest line of the front yard, or the front lot line where no front yard is required by these Regulations, to the rear yard; (cour latérale)

side yard width

side yard width means the distance measured horizontally from the nearest point of the side lot line toward the nearest part of the main structure on the lot, clear of projections, or the main storage area, as the case may be; (largeur de la cour latérale)


storey means that portion of a building, other than a cellar, included between the surface of any floor and the surface of the floor next above it, or if there is no floor above it, the space between the floor and the ceiling above it; (étage)


street means a public thoroughfare having a right-of-way at least 33 feet in width, that affords the principal means of access to abutting lands; (rue)

structural alteration

structural alteration means any change or addition to the supporting members of a structure, including the foundations, bearing walls, rafters, columns, beams and girders; (réfection de charpente)


structure means anything constructed or erected that requires location on the ground or is attached to something having a location on the ground; (construction)

subordinate building

subordinate building means a detached building the use of which in relation to another building on the same lot is ordinarily incidental or subordinate to that building; (bâtiment secondaire)


Superintendent[Repealed, SOR/92-61, s. 3]

through lot

through lot means a lot having frontage on two parallel or approximately parallel streets; (lot traversant)

tot lot

tot lot means an area set aside as a public playground for the use of children of pre-school age; (terrain de jeu pour bambins)

Town of Jasper

Town of Jasper means the area in Jasper National Park of Canada that is enclosed by a broken line on the map set out in the schedule; (périmètre urbain de Jasper)


trailer means a vehicle or portable structure having no foundation other than wheels, jacks or skirtings and constructed to permit occupancy for dwelling purposes or the carrying of goods; (roulotte)

two-family dwelling

two-family dwelling means a building designed exclusively for occupancy by two families living independently of each other; (habitation bifamiliale)


use means the purpose for which land is intended, or to which it may be put; (usage)


yard means an open space on a lot. (cour)

  • SOR/92-61, ss. 3, 7 and 8.
  • SOR/2004-314, s. 7

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