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Migratory Birds Regulations

Version of section 14 from 2018-05-30 to 2020-06-17:

  •  (1) Subject to section 23.3, no person shall hunt for migratory game birds within 400 m of any place where bait has been deposited unless the place has been free of bait for at least seven days.

  • (2) [Repealed, SOR/93-431, s. 2]

  • (3) Subject to section 23.3, no person shall deposit bait in any place during the period beginning 14 days before the first day of the open season for that place and ending on the day immediately following the last day of the open season for that place, unless the person, at least 30 days prior to depositing the bait,

    • (a) obtains the consent in writing of

      • (i) every landowner and lessee or tenant whose land is located within 400 metres of that place,

      • (ii) the Regional Director, and

      • (iii) the chief game officer of a province or any game officer of the province authorized by him to act on his behalf; and

    • (b) posts in that place signs of a type and wording satisfactory to, and in a location designated by, the Regional Director.

  • (4) A consent obtained pursuant to paragraph (3)(a) is valid only in respect of the open seasons in respect of which it was obtained.

  • (5) Subsection (3) does not apply to

    • (a) the holder of a scientific permit issued under section 19 who deposits bait

      • (i) for the sole purpose of attracting migratory birds for capturing and banding them, or

      • (ii) in a confined area specified in their permit for scientific purposes other than the one specified in subparagraph (i); or

    • (b) the holder of an aviculture permit issued under section 20 who places bait in a confined area specified in their permit for the sole purpose of feeding migratory birds lawfully in their possession.

  • (5.1) The permit holder who places bait for the purpose referred to in subparagraph (5)(a)(i) or (ii), must post signs, within a radius of 400 m from the bait, of the type, wording and number specified in the permit, advising that hunting is prohibited.

  • (6) For the purpose of subsection (1), any area

    • (a) of standing crops, whether flooded or not,

    • (b) of harvested crop land that is flooded,

    • (c) where crops are properly shocked in the field where they grow, or

    • (d) where grain is scattered solely as a result of normal agricultural or harvesting operations

    shall not be regarded as a place where bait has been deposited.

  • (7) [Repealed, SOR/81-641, s. 2]

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