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Canadian Forces Dental Treatment by Civilians Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1045)

Regulations are current to 2022-06-01

Canadian Forces Dental Treatment by Civilians Regulations

C.R.C., c. 1045


Regulations Respecting Dental Treatment by Civilian Practitioners for Personnel of the Canadian Forces

Short Title

 These Regulations may be cited as the Canadian Forces Dental Treatment by Civilians Regulations.


 Dental treatment for personnel of the Canadian Forces by a civilian dental practitioner selected by the Command Dental Officer of the Canadian Forces Dental Services in the region concerned, may be given

  • (a) where a Canadian Forces Dental Services clinic is not available, or

  • (b) where Canadian Forces Dental Services personnel lack the specialized equipment or facilities or are otherwise unable to render the required treatment,

but such treatment shall not be commenced by a practitioner without prior authorization of the Command Dental Officer.

 Treatment shall be sufficient to establish and maintain dental fitness and to provide reasonable assurance of masticatory efficiency and freedom from pain for a period of 12 months.

 Notwithstanding section 2, where Canadian Forces Dental Services facilities are not available, civilian dental practitioners may undertake treatment, without prior authorization, in the following emergencies only:

  • (a) the relief of pain or acute infection, or

  • (b) the repair of broken dentures,

but the reconstruction or alteration of any dental appliances is not permitted without prior authorization.

 The Minister of National Defence may prescribe the procedure to be followed and the forms to be used in arranging and making payment for treatment given under the authority of these Regulations.

 Civilian dental practitioners who treat personnel of the Canadian Forces under the authority of these Regulations shall be paid in accordance with the scale of fees authorized from time to time for that type of dental treatment when made in respect of persons under the care of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  •  (1) The Command Dental Officer may, if in his opinion it is in the interest of economy, employ a civilian practitioner on a per diem basis rather than on a fee basis.

  • (2) The civilian dental practitioner shall receive payment at the rates prescribed from time to time by the Treasury Board for civilian medical practitioners similarly employed by the Department of National Defence.

  • (3) No payment shall be made unless

    • (a) the civilian dental practitioner submits a signed certificate certifying the specific days of the month on which services were rendered and for which payment is claimed, and

    • (b) the officer who authorized the work certifies that the certificate is correct.

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