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National Parks Building Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1114)

Regulations are current to 2020-06-17

National Parks Building Regulations

C.R.C., c. 1114


Regulations Respecting the Construction and Maintenance of Buildings in the National Parks of Canada

Short Title

 These Regulations may be cited as the National Parks Building Regulations.


  •  (1) In these Regulations,

    National Building Code

    National Building Code means the National Building Code of Canada 1980; (Code national du bâtiment)


    park means any National Park of Canada; (parc)


    Superintendent means the Superintendent of a park and includes any person authorized to act for or in the name of the Superintendent. (surintendant)

  • (2) For the purposes of these Regulations, every reference in the National Building Code to the authority having jurisdiction shall be construed to mean the Superintendent.

  • SOR/81-667, s. 1


 These Regulations do not apply in the Town of Banff.

  • SOR/90-235

National Building Code

 Except as provided in these Regulations, no person shall construct a building in a park otherwise than in accordance with the standards set forth in the National Building Code.

Bungalow Camps and Motels

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), the minimum floor area and widths of rooms for bungalow camps and motels are as set forth in the following table:


    Column IColumn IIColumn III
    Minimum Floor AreaMinimum Width
    • 1 Single Purpose Rooms:

    50 sq. ft.5’0”
    • (2) Bedroom, one bed blank line

    70 sq. ft.7’0”
    • (3) Bedroom, two beds blank line

    120 sq. ft.10’0”
    • (4) Dining Room blank line

    80 sq. ft.8’0”
    • (5) Living Room blank line

    90 sq. ft.9’0”
    32 sq. ft.5’1”
    • 2 Combination Rooms:

    • (1) Dining-bedroom, one bed blank line

    140 sq. ft.10’0”
    • (2) Dining-bedroom, two beds blank line

    180 sq. ft.12’0”
    • (3) Dining-kitchen blank line

    100 sq. ft.10’0”
    • (4) Kitchen-bedroom (includes dining space and one bed) blank line

    180 sq. ft.12’0”
    • (5) Kitchen-bedroom (bath, dining space and one bed) blank line

    212 sq. ft.12’0”
    • (6) Kitchen alcove off dining room blank line

    40 sq. ft.5’0”
  • (2) For each bed in addition to one bed in a kitchen-bedroom, 40 additional square feet of floor area shall be provided.

Building Permit

  •  (1) No person shall

    • (a) remove top soil or otherwise commence an excavation for a building,

    • (b) commence the erection, alteration, reconstruction or structural repair of a building, or

    • (c) relocate or remove any building,

    unless he has first obtained a building permit for that purpose from the Superintendent.

  • (2) No building permit is required for repairs to a building that are of the kind made in the normal course of maintenance of a building.

  •  (1) Every application for a building permit shall be made on a form provided by the Superintendent, and be signed by the applicant.

  • (2) Subject to subsection (3), every application for a building permit, other than a permit for the alteration or structural repair of a building, shall be accompanied by four copies of

    • (a) a plot plan drawn to a scale of not less than 100 feet to 1 inch showing accurately the size and location of the structures to be constructed on or moved onto the lot, the dimensions of all yards and open spaces to be left around the structure and the size and location of any adjacent buildings on any adjacent lot;

    • (b) a floor plan and an elevation plan drawn to a scale of not less than 8 feet to 1 inch showing all floors, elevations and the dimensions thereof, together with notes of all exterior materials to be used;

    • (c) a section plan drawn to a scale of not less than 8 feet to 1 inch showing the dimensions of existing and proposed ground levels and such other details as may be required by the Superintendent; and

    • (d) where building or engineering works are involved, a set of the specifications.

  • (3) Subsection (2) does not apply to an applicant who has been advised by the Superintendent that a plan described in subsection (1) need not accompany his application.

  • (4) Every applicant for, and every holder of, a building permit shall provide the Superintendent with such additional information as the Superintendent requires with respect to the building for which the application is made or the permit issued.

 the Superintendent may refuse to issue a permit where he is of opinion that

  • (a) the building or structure will not, after the proposed construction, meet the standards prescribed in the National Building Code or the requirements of these Regulations;

  • (b) the building or structure is not compatible in design and size with the proposed location;

  • (c) the proposed use of the building or structure in the proposed location is not in the interests of the park;

  • (d) the building or structure, after the proposed construction, alteration or move, will not meet the zoning regulations applicable to the area in which the building or structure is to be located; or

  • (e) satisfactory arrangements have not been made for the supply of water and disposal of sewage.

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